CoChrane Residence

Precision & Professionalism

This build was a dream of ours for many years before it was a reality and Stu was along for the ride from the beginning. He happily looked over initial plans with us and never tired of my endless questions and quote requests. When the stars aligned, and it finally came time for our build to commence Stu was all in. His communication is among the best I have ever come across, especially in the construction industry. If Stu says he will do something or meet you somewhere, he never forgets.

Some people cautioned against engaging a builder who may not be directly involved in the physical labour of the construction, but I can confidently say that this method works to the client’s advantage. Stu is the ultimate project manager; he knew exactly where everything was up to, and I was always left amazed when I called him with an idea or query and he would effortlessly know exactly what I was referring to. Stu’s entire team were a delight to work with, they were polite, tidy and precise. It was evident to me that his external trades hadn’t been chosen lightly and the collaboration between them and his team was seamless. Stu was always open to listen to ideas, entertain my less conventional design drawings and let me research products and finishes. Every time I visited the construction site I was met with a warm reception and an openness to my plans or requests, from Stu and his entire team. As a female with no construction knowledge, the sincerity never went unnoticed and made the build all the more enjoyable.

We are thrilled with the outcome of the build, the care and precision by Stu & the team meant the end result isn’t just a house, it’s a home. We couldn’t recommend Jamieson Building & Construction highly enough, as the service exceeded our highest expectations.

Jared & Emma Cochrane