Michael & Milly Lees

This was the biggest financial commitment that Milly and I have ever made. Stu and I had been talking about this house for a few years so when it came time to for the planning process to begin, Stu was a big part of it. We had countless meetings with the architect and always sought input from Stu which really helped us along. Nothing was ever a hurdle for Stu, he always found a way to make our plans work without the associated headaches. His input was invaluable.

When it came time to actually start construction, Stu was always on site, always helpful and always polite. He and his team were efficient and always welcomed my questions. The planning process didn’t end with the council approval, there was always minor adjustments to be made however Stu made them effortless since he always had options for us to choose and could always see issues before they arose and were solved easily.

I know it’s hard to believe but the house was actually finished six weeks ahead of schedule. Stu chased me for weeks for a list of things that needed to be fixed after we moved in. Until this day he hasn’t got that list because we haven’t had a single issue with the house. The quality and attention to detail was amazing. We love getting comments from friends and family about our home and we couldn’t have achieved that without Stu, Jesse and Josh from Jamieson Building & Construction.

Michael Lees
Partner, Morton & Cord